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Aquarium drip systems are a wonderful labor saving innovation. However, determining exactly how much water you are changing is not a simple calculation like a conventional water change. If volume of clean water you drip into the tank is equal to 100% of the tank volume over a days time, your water change effect will not be 100% due to the draining away of both old and new water. The clean water is just diluting the old tank water. The equation used to calculate the system water change rate assumes that the filtration system and tank occupants will mix the old water and new water uniformly over time. And assumes that the fresh water inlet and the overflow are at opposite ends of the tank.

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The drip system will change 9.52 % of the Tank's water in one day and 18.13 % in two days.

Assuming no additional pollutants are added, drip system will replace 50.34 % of the Tank's water in a week.

(Note: If you change measurement system and enter values at the same time it will calculate the water change volume, and then convert the values to the other measurement system, so the results may not be what you expect.)

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